Posted by: seasin | July 2, 2009

Learning how to use this thing :)

It will take a while but Rome wasn’t built in a day, either 🙂

A couple of things about me-just so that you know who’s talking. I’m in my early thirties, I’m currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria, I’m Romanian and this is my first time living in a different country.

I work as a PR&Comm for a multinational corporation, I’m learning about cricket (my DB is trying very hard to teach me how to bowl and bat…he’s in for a looong effort, let’s hope he has the patience), I love food and generally the finer things in life. I’m also, funnily enough, interested in recycling, freecycling, thrifty living and generally doing the right thing.

You’d be amazed how complicated that last bit can be when you’re living in Bulgaria. It’s a gorgeous country (and I’ll prove it) but…try sending something by post (like, sending books to England to be re-sold on Green Metropolis-hello Black Hole of postal services!). Try recycling-it’s very very frustrating to be adamant about recycling stuff religiously (and boy do we have stuff to recycle in our household!) but not be able to find in shops a bloody dustbin with two compartments-one for the normal rubbish, one for the general recycling. And do you realise how mad I can get in the mornings, when I get to the big recycling bins just outside our appartment building, carefully separating plastics, cardboard and glass, just to find the lid off the glass bin up (for some unknown reason, it’s always the glass bin) and the bin full of various stuff that the street sweepers picked from our stretch of pavement-mostly dried leaves and doggie doodoo? I will never, for the life of me, understand why they don’t use the normal rubbish bin which is just accross the (very narrow) street-they even have to make an additional effort to open the glass bin lid to dump their stuff in there!

I slowly became aware that recycling here is an exercise in futility-I’m very very sure that those bins where I’ve carefully sorted my metals and glass end up tipped at the same end in the general municipal refuse facility…but at the same time, freecycling is at its best here in Sofia 🙂 which makes for one of the many paradoxes of the place. Whenever we want to get rid of something old, broken or just not wanted anymore, but we feel really bad about throwing it away because it can definitely be reused, we just put it in a carrier bag and place it next to the rubbish bin in the street. Give it 20 minutes, and it’ll be gone. Someone will pick it up and re-use it. We’ve so far done it with clothes, shoes, an old vacuum cleaner, bags and accessories-but I’ve seen bits of furniture and carpentry, old tvs and radios and even healty-looking sofas taking the same road 🙂

Enough rambling for now, next post will be about restaurants and cafes in Sofia. And about dentists.


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