Posted by: seasin | July 3, 2009

Cargo Cafe, Sofia

This little cafe is nicely placed on the corners of Saburna and Tsar Kaloian streets in downtown Sofia, more or less accross the street from the Greek Restaurant Kumbare and a mere 50 metres from the cafe at the Archaeology Museum. It’s nice in winter for those who smoke or don’t mind heavy fog with their coffee, and during the summer it has a few tables cramped on the pavement-not too bad though, because the street has hardly any traffic at all. Went there yesterday with my Turkish friend (not the first time though, I used to meet my DB there in our lunch breaks back when my office was in the centre instead of Macedonia-but I wasn’t paying much attention to the venue back then, I was just plain happy to spend time with him). Try their Oranjada (fresh orange squeeze slightly diluted with fizzy water-absolutely delicious but a bit pricey (6 leva or so) and their lovely Earl Grey-version tea-loose leaves tea that comes in a quaint strainer over your mug-I love that you can see the leaves and remember that tea comes from a bush, not as pre-packed dust in cheap muslin bags.

However, they’re utterly bulgarian in that my friend was trying to ordering desserts of their menu (english/bulgarian menu) and the waitress kept telling her “we don’t have that”. Why of why do you restaurant/cafe people have stuff on the menu if you can’t serve it? It’s ok if it happens once because you finished the home-made chocolate cake that everyone wanted, but not ok when three-quarters of the menu is AWOL!


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