Posted by: seasin | July 3, 2009

Yesterday’s adventures

I had a very good day yesterday-not thanks to what’s happening at work, but we’ll leave that out-I’ve freaked out when I read about people fired because they blabbed on Facebook about how their workplace sucks-not that mine does, Boss!!!

I had my final appointment with the dentist -people in need of a dentist in Sofia-try Dr. Haled Melli at Medstom-he’s a good doctor and apparently an even better surgeon (comes in handy if something really catastrophic happened to your mouth-which I hope it doesn’t!), funny and kind. Very good at explaining what you need done, how he’s planning to do it and very good at giving you options. And oh, did I mention they’re quite cheap? I was very tempted for a minute to compare Medstom with the dental clinic I was using in Romania, but that wouldn’t be fair because it would be like comparing a Comfort Inn with the Ritz-Carlton; they’re both dental clinics and they do the job, and you pay what they’re both worth. Dentestet, my clinic in Bucharest (which, by the way, I also recommend for expats living in Bucharest) was much more expensive than Medstom, but the difference was quite important in many other ways, too. Dentestet: clean, calm, equiped with the latest state-of-the-art stuff in dentistry; treatment rooms are designed so that basically the only time you realise you’re at the dentist is when you have the drill half way up into your brain; your choice of music playing; tv screen with Animal Planet on right where your eyes stop (I’m sure they would change it for you if you asked-it worked well for me though). x-rays come up on a computer and the doctor can check them throughout the duration of the treatment; they also store all the details of your treatment in their pc, so that if your doctor happens to move abroad, the new one doesn’t have to get all your history all over again, question you for hours and then destroy by accident a newly restored tooth just because you forgot to mention it was done and he thought “it didn’t look too good”.  Loved: the look of the place (turn-of-the-century villa with a small garden both in front and at the back, lovingly restored, windowsill tubs overflowing with pink, white and purple flowers most of the year; biiig wall-size aquarium with colorfull fish niflty separating two of the treatment rooms). Also loved that you were getting loads of attention as a patient-doctors were never late, apointments were never “lost”, they were accepting credit cards payments at a time when in Romania most of the shops weren’t. Briliant. But slightly costly (they have a web-site,, all their services AND prices are there, check it out if you want). It is the 5* venue of dentistry and I loved them dearly. Medstom: there are two treatment chairs in each treatment room!!! meaning TWO doctors work on TWO patients at the same time. WTF?????? what happened with doctor-patient confidentiality? I definitely don’t want another person to know what’s going on with my health (or if I do, I’ll post it on my blog if I bloody well want to, but it has to be my decision, not the clinic’s); the doctor was always late for the appointments (not majorly, but I was taking time off work to make the appointment, and I HATE WASTING TIME, I hate being late and I hate it when other people are late). I’m sure it was not his fault, sometimes if it’s the first time you see a patient you have no idea what they’ll need done and how long it”ll take-but for God’s sake, you can certainly PLAN appointments better, folks! Whenever I was in that chair, the door was wide open behind me and people kept popping in to say hello, or to take or bring stuff in. Again, WTF? It’s a treatment room, not a waiting room in a train station, or a social club! It’s bad enough that I’m scared, and in pain, and I have a drill making its way slowly towards my brain, and the whole place smells of burned bone, I don’t want someone distracting the doctor (or bringing in all sorts of germs’n’stuff!). The doctor doesn’t always have an assistant which is very annoying as he had to basically scream for a random lady to come and do some suction or give him stuff. And on a more personal level, the doctor, a really sweet and funny person, SMOKES. Why oh why, doctor? Your hands SMELL and your teeth show the mark-the smell is yuk yuk yuk when your hands are in my mouth (I happen to also have VERY low tollerance for smoking, smokers, smoke and everything associated with it-I have allergy-triggered asthma and it’s mostly triggered by-you guessed it-cigarette smoke!) and what sort of advertising are you for your clinic, with those teeth? BUT they did their job fast and oh, did I mention CHEAP? Exactly the Comfort Inn of dentists 🙂

So I had a good day-because I finally have new teeth and I can eat (praise to the gods of food!) As for the cafe and restaurant I’ve been to after getting my new teeth in place-in a different post


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