Posted by: seasin | July 4, 2009

Leo’s Pizza, Sofia

Hurray-I’ve finally discovered a place which makes real pizza in Sofia.

Of course, it ruins it all by offering a whole menu-page worth of pizza with kashkaval (if you’ve ever been in Bulgaria, you know what I mean, if you haven’t, kashkaval is somewhat similar to gruyere-an elastic, almost plasticky semi-hard yellow cheese, with a texture similar to rubber and an equally interesting taste. Its only merit is that it melts when baked/toasted-but stays as bland and rubbery as its solid form).

But the pizzas made as God intended them, with mozzarela, looked right – huge, with thin crisp crusts (wonderfully dotted with charred spots), not too loaded with stuff, and the choices of toppings were all more or less correct (I can be a terrible snob, for someone who doesn’t even eat the bloody thing-I just don’t get the point of pizza). According to the people who ordered and then struggled to eat them, they were delicious. The prices are really low, from I think about 8 leva (but trust me, those pizzas can easily be shared between two people, or even 4 as a starter) to maximum 20, for a masterpiece featuring the delicious mozarella di buffala (the Champagne of mozarellas 🙂

Since I don’t eat pizza, I had pasta (almost normal pasta-please read almost proper Italian pasta). There’s a nice choice of pasta types (shapes), about half of them dry, and half of them freshly made in-house. I had garganelle (I know, jamais couche avec either 🙂 sort of narrow little penne with an added twist to them (literally), with Casale sauce-tomatoes, chillies (couldn’t however taste any chilli) and Italian Sausage. Good, but not exceptional. I was irritated by the waiter who insisted I should have the garga-somthin, although I had picked the casarecce, and I’m sure he did it because the dry pasta was 3 leva, and the fresh one 6-he was just trying to sell the most expensive alternative-and I resented him for it. They try to pull that on you alot here in Sofia, so if you really care about your wallet, stand your ground and don’t accept what they’re suggesting, unless it’s really what you would have picked anyway. They’re almost always (well, completely always in my experience) trying to flogg the most expensive item on the menu, not the freshest, most interesting, or the one that the chef does best.

To sum it up-good, real yummy-looking pizza, for really good prices.Weird location, with a very low ceiling in the upper floor area. If you’re a party larger than 6, don’t pick it unless you’re willing to have dinner at two different tables-the furniture and the layout of the place don’t allow for larger tables, or for tables to be put together in any mode or manner.

Ooops, had to update to say the obvious: the place is popular in Sofia because it belongs to someone apparently famous, an Italian bloke called…Leo who’s famous because he attended VIP Big Brother, Bulgarian version (I’m pretty sure he must have been famous before that to get into the show, but no one was able to explain to me how and in which way). He apparetly also does (some of) the cooking-if he’s the one making the pizza, well done Leo!



  1. Reviews for this thanks, Leo is the owner and chef of the pizza, I am glad that you and ‘liked the pizza and pasta (with regard to the garganelli … most are’ good for home, not the cost, just because ‘ garganelli collect the better the sauce and as I always cook the type of pasta with sauce) I hope to meet you the next time you come to a pizzeria.

    • Caro Leo,
      Mi dispiace se sono stata un po suspiciosa, normalmente gli camerieri non meritano molto fiducia in Sofia 🙂
      La pasta e stata buona, e sono molto contenta di avver finalmente trovato un posto che fa la pasta fresca bene. La prossima volta chiedero allo chef di essere piu generoso col pepperoncino, mi sarrebe piacciuta piu picante la salsa.
      Complimenti e continua a fare la buona pasta e quelle maravigliose pizze!

  2. definitely good (even more)

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