Posted by: seasin | July 6, 2009

Spa Saturday in Sofia

Our great CLO (hello Rae!) put together yet another brilliant activity day-girls’ day at the spa (although it was never called girls’ day, that’s what it was, because let’s face it, how many of your male acquaintances would happily join in for a day of pampering and do-nought by the swimming pool? Not my DB (who, just for the record, is objecting to being called DB for reasons of it not being ‘cool’ enough-but has yet to come up with a more acceptable denomination :)-and as it turned out, not the partners/male friends of the other ladies present, either).

All credits for finding the location go to Rae-she took us to the rather nice Tsarsko Selo Spa on the ring-road of Sofia. It took a bit of an eagle eye to find it as the directions were a bit basic on paper (nevertheless completely acurate and worked fine), but as I drove into the compound the beauty of the gardens took my breath away. They’re not world class, but it’s definitely the prettiest landscaped area that I’ve seen since I moved to Bulgaria. The sun was shining, they were mowing the lawns so the air was full of that freshly cut grass smell, it all looked spotlessly clean-I knew I was in for a treat.

The spa was even better than the gardens-big, nice, swimming pools (one outdoors, one indoors-only used the outdoors one as weather was nice), saunas, steam baths, whirlpool, a huge well appointed gym (treadmills with incorporated LCD screens that come with headphones, so that you can listen to whatever YOU want while exercising, not whatever everyone else wants blasting out, like at other gyms I’ve visited), a pool-side bar/restaurant serving both snacks and more substantial meals (excruciatingly slow service though, but then again we were there to relax. Tant pis for the beautician who had to wait ten minutes past my appointment time, because it took the waiter 45 minutes to bring me a soup). A great selection of pamper treatments is available-but some of the staff was on holiday at the time, which ment that one of my friends couldn’t get a massage because the one massage therapist was all booked up, and I could not get a (sorely needed) mani/pedi for afore mentioned reason of vacationing staff. I had a nice basic facial (cleansing & moisturising for sensitive, irritated skin) for 55 leva, and then a hair wash/blow dry for 23. Oh, forgot to mention, the day fee is 25 leva, and for that you can use the swimming pools, saunas, steam bath, gym and whatever. Treatments and hairdresser are extra. Very good value still, if you ask me-I’ll definitely go again as it is, as I like, very all-inclusive (I can get my running done, can get a swim and a lay-back with a book and a fresh fruit juice, plus a mani/pedi and a blow-dry should I need one. It also keeps me out of DB’s hair for almost one whole day, which I’m sure he appreciates dearly and will pay back for later-by making me an amazing curry for dinner, for example).


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