Posted by: seasin | July 28, 2009

Freyja’s pancakes-cooking with kids


Next time I'll be more generous with the raspberries :)

Next time I'll be more generous with the raspberries 🙂

This is a foolproof recipe for pancakes, that I’ve created for a lovely little girl who helped me make (and eat, of course) the batch in the picture-thanks for all your help and for being a nice little girl, Frey!

You’ll need:

200 g flour-I used half wholemeal, half graham flour for this recipe, because I wanted a darker colour and a sweeter, nuttier taste. You can use any mix you want or just plain pastry flour-but then you’ll need less liquid and you can’t call them Freyja’s pancakes;

3 sachets of vanilla sugar (we ended up adding a fourth one but that’s a matter of taste) (and that would be about 25 g of vanilla sugar)

a pinch of salt-it’s of course much better if you use Jamie Oliver’s pink himalaya salt (no it’s not, but it’s just pretty 🙂

8 g baking powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon (ok, ok, I confess, I was helping F. to add the cinnamon in and I might have dropped in two teaspoons. So sue me!)

300 ml milk

1 medium-large egg

Dusting sugar and raspberries.

What you do is you pour the flours in a mixing bowl, then ask your kitchen assistant to add the vanilla sugar, the cinnamon, the salt and the baking powder and give it a stir. Seeing the little cloud of flour coming out of the bowl to engulf your kitchen can be loads of fun, in fact hilarious! Then ask the helper to assist you in measuring the milk. Then pour said milk over the flour mixture, crack and add the egg (after you feel adequately sorry for breaking the poor egg) and give the whole lot a good stir with your handheld mixer. For about two minutes (the whole thing can also be done by hand but it’s going to take much longer and in the race to eliminate the clumps you might end up overstirring it which is not good. You can, of course, dump it in your food processor with the special batter attachments. Just remember-whizz it only for a couple of minutes-baking powder doesn’t do well with overstirring). Then you have to carefully place one finger in to test for texture, and then in order to make sure the taste is ok, you have to quickly place it in your mouth and lick it clean. No, no, I insist. Then, if you’re making these for guests, even 3 years old guests who don’t know a thing about food hygiene, wash your finger (just in case you need to do it again!) and pretend it never happened. If you’re just making them for yourself (which you’re completely entitled to, you know! Life is so full of stress!) don’t bother washing, just take another scoop with same finger and repeat. Yum! the batter should have the consistency of …really thick batter? I mean, it should be liquid, but barely. It should pour, but barely. I know I’m not making much sense but if you did everything just as I said, you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re pleased with taste/consistency, then pour the batter into a jug (I use the measuring jug-the quantities above make one full measuring jug, which is about 500 mls, I guess-enough pancakes for one 10 months old, one nearly three years old, and four adults who had about…at least two each) and heat up a nonstick pan. It needs to be really hot so don’t rush this step. Pour a small laddle of batter on the very hot pan (no oil, butter or other sort of grease necessary if it’s a good nonstick pan)-should I say, about two tablespoons? Don’t overdo it, even if you feel you’re being a bit un-generous, the batter will spread and these are not crepes bretonnes, these are pancakes, man! Now sit and watch. In about 20 seconds bubbles are going to start appearing on the pancake’s surface. Mostly close to the edges. Quite fascinating to watch really, but don’t over-enjoy watching-once the bubbles are there and they keep appearing faster than you can count them, slide a spatula under the pancake and flip it over. It only needs about 20-30 seconds on the other side and voila! one hot pancake.

Place on a plate, kindly ask a few raspberries to keep it company, give the lot a dusting with icing sugar, and give to your little helper to enjoy while you’re cooking the rest-she deserves it, but then so do the adults in the house (no actually, they didn’t really deserve them but they got them anyway because I love them all and I’m very generous!)



  1. Of COURSE you can add a link to my blog. I’m going to add yours once I get through this business card thing 🙂

    • 🙂 thanks and have great fun with the business card ‘thing’

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