Posted by: seasin | August 4, 2009

Ode to things that bring shades of pink in life

Here’s the deal-first I throw you a list-that’s unavoidably going to be updated quite often, because, you know, I’m easy that way-I fall inlove at the drop of a coin.Figuratively speaking, of course-I’m not a ‘material girl’ at all. I might seem like one, when my List of Favorite Things in the Whole World starts with champagne and shoes. But I promise you, I’m not.

Then, I’ll post little rants about specific objects, things and brands-just so you know WHY I love said object/brand/thing. Come on, I know you’re interested. Really, you are. Because I know I am-I mean, when someone loves tatoos, for instance, I really want to know WHY. Oh, WHY. I really honestly trully don’t like them, so when people do, I wish I would understand the exact precise reasoning that makes them like those things. I’m a very rational person, you know. If you present me with clear, logical arguments, I’m easily convinced that your point of view is a valid one. I might still not agree or change my mind about it, but I’m then willing to accept that there’s method to your madness.

So here we go with the Pink Glasses list. As previously stated, it starts with

1. Champagne. That ismy friends, CHAMPAGNE. Not sparkling wine. The real thing. And not just any champagne. I like Moet in most circumstances, but in an ideal world, Veuve Cliquot is the one I’d pick for daily drinking (not that I drink daily, very far from that!). For a very special occasion, like probably my wedding (unlikely I’ll ever have a wedding but still, a girl has to have her standards for the day, should it ever occur!), a Billecart-Salmon Clos St. Hilaire. It’s a blanc de noir (don’t you love the name?) it means that it’s made only from grapes that normally make red wine-in this case Pinot Noir (there are only two types of red wine grapes that are allowed into the making of Champagne, and Pinot Noir is one of them). It’s special. Because of the way it’s made, only a few thousands of bottles are made. I like special things. They enhance my feeling of…being special 🙂 which I definitely am. Just like you. We’re unique, special and delicious, each and every one of us in his/her own way. And we deserve special things, on special days.

2. Shoes. Now, some people (like, for instance, DB) think I might have a slight problem with shoes. As in, I might have a small obsession. Which may or may not be true. I like shoes, as objects of art. I only own 32 pairs currently, due to a promise I made DB when I moved in with him. Because, back when I was single and living by myself, I had managed to be the proud and content owner of …136 pairs of said walking implements (yes, he did call me Imelda for a while, which is so un-original!!!). He was scared that our current flat was going to be invaded. Which was rather silly, really, because our current flat is at least twice as big as my former flat, and I was managing to keep my shoes well hidden, organised and out of sight in that tiny baby flat-he wouldn’t have noticed them in the current one, not at all. But I wanted him to be happy and relaxed about me moving in, so I…gave up my shoes. After I negociated a 35 pairs flat allowance. That is Argument no. 1 to prove to the world that I don’t have an obsession. An obsessed person would have given up Boyfriend rather than give up shoes. Why did I ever bother to stick with and move in with such a cruel boyfriend, you ask? Easy. First, he’s gorgeous in so many ways that he’s worth walking barefoot (slight exageration, of course-I WOULD walk barefoot for him, but only on a beach and maybe for about 30 minutes 🙂 ). Second, I’m a very practical bird, and having a 35 pairs limit only means that I can buy a new pair if only I throw one away. Or give it away. Or sell it (which for the moment I haven’t managed to do). Which, by extrapolating, means I still do get to buy and own new shoes quite often, and I get to wear them more often, too (back when I was hoarding them, I had at least 20 pairs that were never worn-and I never inteded to, either-they were collectibles-I had bought them because they were beautiful to look at). Which is not only ok by me, but very much in line with my new frugal persona. (utter crap, I’m telling you. I’d rather buy a pair of shoes and go without food for a week. Nothing frugal about that-not when you have over 30 pairs of shoes already at home!). But I love shoes. Oh, sorry, correction-I love BEAUTIFUL shoes. I absolutely hate with a passion ULGY shoes. I like delicate, classy, high heeled shoes, rather impractical for walking, but gorgeous by themselves and on girls’ feet. Who needs to walk, anyway, when you can look down and your eyes settle on lavender suede, turquoise leather straps, gorgeous butter colored soft as a glove leather all designed like architectural masterpieces? Or, oh-my-heart-be-still red patent leather strappy sandals with a heel that makes me look almost normal height? Also, I was blessed by the God of Genetics with small feet (European size 35, British 2.5, American 5) and thin ankles, which do make for a nice display for delicate shoes-even if I say so myself. Trust me, I don’t even feel like wearing jewelry when I wear the right pair of shoes.

3. Books . I love books and I could not live without them. I feel naked without books. I feel naked on the inside, which is much worse than feeling naked of clothes, in the traditional, old fashioned way. See, I’m quite hyper and I can’t be iddle. So every moment that I have to spend waiting for something or just “relaxing” (you know, when I’m by myself and say, on the beach, or at home on a rainy Saturday afternoon, or having breakfast) is torture for me if I don’t have a book. And I’m not joking, either. If I have to eat alone, I can’t unless I have a book. Sometimes, DB who’s a bloke and therefore exhibiting bouts of lack of etiquette that I’m sure  would horrify his lovely mother, leaves the dinner table before I’m finished (!!!!! I know, the horror!!! he’s undergoing training but it’s going to take a while!) so what I do is I grab my book and leisurely finish my dinner in good company :). If I’m watching tv (which happens quite seldom) I always have a book handy for those pesky advertising breaks. And I love travelling by air, exactly because long hours in airports and on planes give me loads of delightful reading time. Books are my drugs.

4. Cats. Wild and domestic. It’s easy to figure that one out, if you just look at the header of my blog. There are very few cats that I don’t like. For instance, most (if not all) cats which look like they hit a wall at high velocity face-first, as they were comming out of their mamma. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure – cats of flat (or even concave) face breeds. And them naked cats. I generally don’t like the results when man interferes and creates horrible things that nature would have never allowed to survive for two generations. People playing god for their own twisted enjoyment and funky sense of humor-I do not like. But I’m sure even among those, there will be a few little felines that would steal my heart any given day. I can’t help but love cats, see. Because I feel a very deep kinship with them. Any house cat, as tame and pretty and cuddly as it may seem, turns into an efficient hunter and merciless killer in a blink of an eye. Because they are elegant, and lithe, and slender, and oh so full of grace. Because they are intelligent, independent creatures – just try turning a house cat into a puppet, like you can do with dogs – try teaching them to roll over, shake paws, play dead, fetch and all those ridiculos, unnatural behaviours people seem to find attractive in animals. (actually, i did teach my old cat to fetch. or…come to think of it…I think he might trained me to throw an object as far as I could so he can then pounce on it, chase it around, then finally bring it back, dump it on my knees and sit right next to me, tail wrapped neatly around his hind paws, with that look in his eyes:”Come on, human, you know what you’re supposed to do, just throw the bloody thing already! Thaaat’s it, good human!”). Because they don’t abide to the human concept of “ownership”-they know very well they’re not furniture or real estate to be owned. Instead, when they decide to grace you with their friendship and companionship, you can indeed feel like a special human being. Because all cats, wild and domestic, are beautiful creations of Mother Nature. Just look at them move-you’ll see what I mean. I think strong, independent women should look up to cats-they set such a wonderful example. They teach us that one can be beautiful, soft, elegant, slender, graceful, without having to give up or hide intelligence, independence, and fierce resolve. We don’t need to lose our feminine softness to be efficient human beings. I’m rambling, I know, but I’m really feeling that way.

5. Food and cooking. I’m not a very artistic person, you see. Oh, to hell with that, I’m not artistic AT all. I can’t sing, I can’t act, I can’t paint, I can’t write amazing poetry, I can’t play instruments, I have two left feet when it comes to dancing professionally. But I can cook. Cooking, together with reading (and organizing closets and drawers and other people’s lives, of course) is perfect relaxation for me, and also my own unique time of creativity. I’m fascinated by ingredients, by textures, colours, tastes, about playing with them, putting them together, smelling and tasting them, making something out of well…I was about to say nothing but that wouldn’t be accurate, would it? So making SOMETHING out of several different, smaller something elses 🙂 I’m sure you get my point. I love cooking. Cooking is what I offer to the world (and to my greedy little self). And I absolutely adore food. But-it has to be good. Food just for the sake of eating just doesn’t do it for me. This results in a. a very hungry transilvanian if all that’s available is fast food plastic other people call food (with a very small number of notable exceptions) and b. an irritated DB every now and then, when all he wants is some SIMPLE food, and all he gets is some fancy salad with grilled halloumi and raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette (yes, that’s exactly my idea of a light, SIMPLE summer dinner).

I love food that has been made with dedication, from fresh ingredients, by people who spent a moment thinking about what they were doing, and ENJOYED making it. I love food that was grown/raised/prepared with a sense of pride and with passion. I’m willing to love such food even if I don’t necessarily enjoy the taste. Because there’s more to it than sustenance and calories. But I don’t see the point to eating just for the sake of it-because we have to eat so that we don’t die. We humans (just like cats, it seems, who are able to starve to death in front of a bowl full of food, just because THEY DON’T LIKE THE BLOODY THING) evolved past that. You will remind me of all those poor souls that are still suffering from starvation on this planet, and tell me that those of us who were fortunate enough not to be in that position should be grateful and appreciate everything we get and stop being fussy and just eat the darn thing, no matter what it tastes of. But that is a different argument, for a different conversation.

6. Probably, my favorite food stuff  is cheese. No surprise there, huh, DB? Has to be stinky, smelly cheese. Preferably made from goat or sheep milk. Preferably soft or semi-soft, ripe, with an almost runny centre. Not for me mild cheese, or hard cheese like most supermarket chedar or gruyere-with a few notable exceptions, of course. There’s a shade over my otherwise happy life if my fridge doesn’t contain at least two sorts of cheese (normally at least one chunk of good Parmiggiano Reggiano, to grate on pasta, shave on salads or just break a darn chunk off and munch on it as I’m making dinner). I’m getting all panicky and I’m afraid I’ll starve to death if I open my fridge and there’s no cheese in it.

7. And a food group I would happily have for my last meal on Earth-pasta. I can’t live without it and it’s definitely food I could eat each day of my life and not be bored. How can you be bored? With pasta, your fantasy is the limit!

8. Cleanliness, order, logic. I’m a cleaning and organizing freak. No, I’m not one of those people who rub antiseptic gel all over themselves after touching toilet doors or other human beings, but I’m happiest in places (homes, offices, hotels, towns, countries) that are clean and orderly. I love the look and smell of a clean house, of fresh towels, of a spotless kitchen, of a well organized, even color-coded wardrobe, the look of a tidy work-place where important papers don’t disappear under mounds of useless files only to require the intervention of a small but professional team of archaeologists to ever see the light of day again. I like clean, well maintained clothes and shoes, and I love people with flawless personal hygiene. I wear white all year-round, even in messy spring rains or long gray autumns, and I’m glad to say my clothes manage to look spotless under most circumstances. I’m a freak that way. But hey, it could be worse!

Definitely, to be continued :)-but what are the things that make your Earth go round? And please understand I didn’t include PEOPLE on this list for a reason-they’re going to have a space of their own. Humanity deserves it, I think 🙂


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