Posted by: seasin | September 17, 2009

Islands with I

Guess what, the Transilvanian IS BACK! You thought I was gone and vanished, never to be seen again, didn’t you? Well, you don’t know much about transilvanians then, do you? We are the ones who never go away 🙂 (some say. I think all these vampires stories are just stories. For once, I like garlic. I cook with garlic. I can’t live without garlic. That should tell you 🙂 )

We’ve been away for two weeks (woohoo!!!) on holiday. And, because we’re weird, we picked Iceland and Ireland for our summer break. DB, as a Geordie, can’t deal with cold or hot weather-he starts freezing under 5 degrees Celsius, and melting above 25. So because here, in Bulgaria, we are blessed with all 4 seasons, wonderful springs and long autumns, but also cold, snowy winters and sweltering summers, he came up with this theory: we’ll be just fine, if in the winter, we can go on holiday somewhere warm, and during the summer, somewhere cool. Sounds good to me, I said, just the thought of blue skies and bright sun, while Sofia is under one metre of snow, and it’s windy and grey and miserable and you can’t even drive anywhere, lifted my spirits enormously. I did have a slight issue with the other half of the theory (“going somewhere cool in summer”) when in fact everyone knows that summer is for the beach, baby! But I agreed to give his theory a try last year, and guess what, it works beautifully! We did Italy the first winter (Florence, Rome, Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, sunny and blue and dotted with ripe lemons and oranges on lush green trees-when the Balkans were shivering in -20 temperatures in snow storms), Canada that summer (remind me to tell you all about that, it was BRILLIANT), South Africa last winter, and now the isles.

So how was it, you’ll ask? I hope I’ll have time to blog about it, because both countries (islands) are unbelievably beautiful, each in its own very special way.


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