Posted by: seasin | September 16, 2010

Seasin blogging…take 2

Glimpse of paradise

I’ve taken a very long break from blogging. Reasons-galore. I did not stop eating, I did not stop cooking, I did not stop travelling. I most certainly was not lost for words (alas!).

What did happen was that I was angry. Like countless other people during these past two years, I had lost my job. Through no fault of my own-again like countless other people, but because the company I was working for was cutting costs. So I stopped writing, because I did not have the levity required for the kind of journal I kept, and I did not think that my anger and my inner trips of self-valuation would be of interest for anyone. It took me nearly two months to find another job-and as I was looking, I promised myself that I’d get back to writing as soon as I start working again-as a reward, if you will!

It turned out that my new job was brilliant, involving, challenging and absolutely all-absorbing-plus it was all happening in Bulgarian, a language that I was hardly mastering at the time (could definitely order in a restaurant or shop for herbs, but just as definitely could not have dreamed of reading a lengthy management report!)-so I was, yet again, going through some very steep learning curves. Result: very satisfied with work, zero time or energy for writing.

At the same time as I found my job, I found out that we were due to leave Bulgaria in the near future, and continue the saga of the Transilvanian abroad in some utterly different, unexpected pastures. The catch-we did not know when the move was going to be-within a week, a month or a year! So, for 4 more months, I was caught in a whirlwind of crazy, interesting and rewarding work, agonising about needing to move continents without knowing exactly when, having heated arguments with fate which decided to present me with the job that I adored, just to perversly snatch it for me by dangling in front of my nose the prospect of living for 4 years in paradise…

So there. We moved in paradise. I’ll play a game with you for a while, and only give you hints of where we are!

We’ve just barely arrived, a week ago, and I’m starting to make the house feel like home (although all our worldy possessions, bar a couple of suitcases’ worth, are still braving the high seas of the planet). I’m in a new, but just as frantic search for work, which is the most vital thing at the moment, and doubly as challenging as it was in Bulgaria-because here I need a work permit-and I’ll only get one after I find an employer-bureaucracy oblige!

However, I promised myself I would go back at writing again-mainly because I think it would help me, and also because as I was researching my soon-to-be home from afar, I was again completely irked by the almost complete lack of information from real people, not government bodies, about the place, available online. So there, I’ll send you news and facts from paradise.

As a first gesture of making amends, I offer this to the Gods of the Internets and particularly to the Goddess of blogging (yes, I’ve decided it must be a she!): portraits of my garden’s inhabitants after the rain:

There. I’ll talk to you later 🙂



  1. I believe you should write more about your life in Sofia. I need to know it from one of my countrymen. Maybe I shall feel less exiled here. Thank you.

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