Posted by: seasin | December 5, 2010

This week I met a Princess…

This week I met a Princess. I kept waking up last night, and smiling in the dark as I was going over this sentence in my mind.

I’m a simple girl, a Transilvanian with no other claim to nobility than a constant strive to live in honesty, kindness and love and respect for the world around me. I was born in a normal family, struggling to grow up through the bleakest years of the comunist regime in Romania, then studying and working my heart out in a transitional economy. Although I do seem to have a knack for always getting what I want and thus feel content with my lot (placing one’s expectations at an achievable hight is, in my opinion, key to a happy life-and no, I don’t mean having low expectations, but managing your dreams and hopes so that there is at least a chance that they come true), I am also a hard worker, have few illusions, my feet are planted firmly in the ground, and I never feel entitled-possibly because nothing was ever handed to me on a silver tray.

I’ve also never allowed myself to feel inferior to anyone; I do often grant other people respect, but not because of social conventions, or money, or titles: always because they are intelligent, or brilliant in their profession, or talented, or beautiful, or graceful, or especially kind or brave, or simply because they are rounded, complete and happy human beings. Never did I place worth where it wasn’t earned-and I’m not about to start now.  

However, like most little girls, I’ve sometimes, a long time ago, dreamed of becoming a princess. Because even the most grounded girls sometimes get to dream. As I grew up in the grim 80’s, it became very clear very quickly that I’d better focus on becoming a police officer, an archaeologist, a doctor or any other of the sensible things I thought I could be passionate about. Why? Because I figured out back then- princesses are born, not made. So I stopped dreaming of being a princess, and instead I started hoping that one day I’d meet one.

This dreaming about princesses thing, was ever a soft spot of mine. But I think I’m allowed one. For, you see, my vision of a princess was in fact a template of the woman that I would have loved to become.

It so happened that this week I got to meet a princess. And I’m sure I know very little about the person behind the title, but let me tell you what happened:

I met a person who is intelligent, and proud, and strong. A person who works hard.  A person who can make a difference, and she does so in a quiet, understated but efficient way. A person who cares deeply for people and animals and things that are wrong and things that are right. A person who knows how to respect, and knows how to wear the respect she’s granted, gracefully. A person who walks tall and straight, and seems to have little time or patience for mistakes, weakness and frivolous things. A person who earned the peace she radiates, by working hard and standing firm. A person who knows what she wants, and is not afraid to reach for it and get it. A person who was born in the spotlight, but remains utterly private. A person who was often hurt by the world, but does not carry the scars of those hurts on the outside.

But also a mother, and a wife. A person of passions, and opinions, who is not shy or afraid about pursuing the passions and expressing the opinions. A person with curiosity and confidence. A person with a sense of humour which is a very refreshing suprise in someone who comes through as reserved as she does. 

I met someone who is flawlessly, naturally and effortlessly elegant, and whoever thinks differently knows nothing about style and class – born and not bought. Someone who is beautiful- a polished, understated, the-more-you-look-at-her-the-more-you-see-it, but quite striking and undeniable beauty. Someone who carries herself with the flexible grace of the keen horserider that she is. Someone with a gorgeous, luminous smile and searching, thoughtful eyes.

I did not meet someone perfect, oh no! But I met someone whose imperfections make her more human and all the way more irresistible. Ladies and gentlemen, I met a WOMAN-and I feel incredibly lucky.

Your Royal Highness, Princess Anne, thank you for showing me that Princesses exist outside my little girl dreams-and they are exactly as I’ve dreamed them to be.


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