Posted by: seasin | August 28, 2011

How Skype helps with male bonding

As I type this, my beloved is watching a football match with his brother.

Nothing new or unusual here, I’ll hear you say.

Let me add some perspective. I’m typing on my laptop from my study in Floreal, Mauritius. My beloved is in the next room, in front of the telly.

His brother, on the other hand, is comfortably sitting on his sofa. In Whitley Bay, UK. More than 10,000 km away.

Still not much unusual, is there? I would tend to agree, except there’s a small thing you did not factor in: they’re both watching the same match (Newcastle’s playing Bolton) on the same telly. Ours.

My boyfriend the technical genius video-called his brother on skype, placed his laptop in front of the telly, tuned into the football channel, got himself a beer, and now they’re both watching in quiet companionship, the kind only the males of the species seem to possess (silence peppered with the odd grunt, bodily noise and loud abuse directed towards the ref or any of the 22 players at random).

Why are they engaging in his peculiar activity?

Reason they give: because that particular match is not on the telly in the UK and his brother the die-hard supporter really wanted to watch it. Reason they don’t give but seems logical: because they can (and it’s free!). Reason that I put in front of you although they would both deny it until the day they die: they miss each other and this is as good as it gets when you’re as far away from one another as they currently are.

Just thought I’d share. Go skype. Go Magpies!


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