Posted by: seasin | August 29, 2011

An afterthought…

not your usual Maldives view...

While going through the website I wrote about in my previous post, I remembered some pictures I took in the Maldives a few months back. I just realised I’ve never shared that trip. Here’s a bit of a taster.

In case the outstanding quality of my photography makes it difficult to tell, that’s a little bench roughly hewn out of a bit of driftwood, placed almost at random in sweet shade on the Maldivian scrap of sand I’ve visited.

It comfortably fit me and my book for a charmed hour one afternoon, an hour of not quite doing what people do when in the Maldives-which is bathing and beaching and generally showing off. It allowed for some interesting socializing with butterflies, fruit bats bigger than my cat, and various islanders and other guests on their random pursuits.

Beyond the commercial images that resorts sell to you on web-sites and brochures, these islands have a heart. On that particular bench, on that particular island, that particular afternoon, I touched its pulse.


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