Posted by: seasin | April 30, 2013

Ummm…*tap, tap…is this thing still on?

Hello. I apologize. I’ve been otherwise engaged for the past…umm…nearly TWO years? Yeah. Blogger of the decade award goes to ME!

I do however have a few excuses (I know, I know, don’t we all!).

I’ve been doing a little bit of this  ; no not holidaying in paradise islands. I’ve been working my derriere off during the rebranding and re-conceptualization (yes that’s a word and I’m not really sure that’s how you spell it but there!) of these amazing resorts. And by that, I mean 20 hours a day, 7 days a week during months in a row.

Then, like any dutiful employee, I waited until the new brand was launched, and then I promptly got pregnant. PREGNANT!!! ME!!! Yes people, the Transylvanian and her gorgeous boyfriend have decided to reproduce. Because, obviously, the brilliantness and the smartness and the fabulousness need to be bestowed onto the future generations somehow.

And ummm…you know, speaking about boyfriends…I’m afraid he’s no longer my boyfriend.

No, no panic needed, the Transylvanian Baby of Gorgeousness is not being raised by a single parent (although there’s nothing wrong with single parents, you’re doing an awsome job, that’s not how I roll!). As we found out there’s a lentil/blueberry/avocado (yes my lovely baby, during your first nine months of your intrauterine existence, you were identified with all sorts of fruit, vegetables and legumes!) baking, the Boyfriend decided to become the Fiance.

(as this post is only a synopsis, I promise I’ll give you all the gory details of all of the above and below, in further, painful and detailed -and possibly misspelled-posts)

Then, we had THE BABY. His gorgeousness is only matched by his smartness, geniousness and fabulousness and I do not care if those are not words he’s my BABY (OH MY WORD I ACTUALLY GOT PREGNANT, THEN HAD A BABY, THEN I GOT MARRIED…)…ummm…yeah, that too. We got married. And we went on honeymoon.

Oh, and yes, I have a new job.

So there, what’s your excuse when you take a LONG MF break from blogging?


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