Posted by: seasin | March 18, 2015


Yes it did take two years. For me to pick up this blog business again, I mean.
We are now in Berlin. Germany.
The Transylvanian, the Husband and the Fabulous Baby (who, amazingly, is no longer a BABY…not even a Toddler, but a Fabulous Boy) have packed up and moved back to colder, greyer, altogether less green pastures.
It’s been cold over winter (although not really). We were reminded how Christmas should really look (and it DOES NOT involve inflatable giant Santas waving in the breeze amongst palm trees, no matter what Mauritians may believe!). Our son is now going to nursery (which he calls ‘schooei-schoow’ in an approximation of his dad’s ‘schoolie-school’-because yes, he now SPEAKS). And I am learning German, coming to terms with Berlin and struggling with a jobless life (long post probably NOT forthcoming as I am frankly seriously peeved by the situation and I don’t wish to spew forth too much poison just as I am finding my feet back into this blogging business.)
So, still married, still a mum, still an expat, still fabulous (rather not, but that’s something for another post)-what am I to do, other than write?
Glad I found my voice again.


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